Chicken Tikka Masala $18.95
Tender chicken breast marinated in spices and yogurt, baked in a tandoor oven and cooked in a tomato based creamy sauce.
Chili Chicken $18.95
Boneless chicken deep fried and sautéed with green chillies, onions, ginger, garlic and soy sauce.
Chicken Methiwala $18.95
Pieces of chicken cooked with fenugreek, onions and spices.
Chicken Curry $18.95
Tender chicken pieces cooked with spices and herbs.
Chicken Korma $18.95
Very mildly spiced chicken, flavored with coconut and simmered in yogurt and nuts.
Chicken Makhani(Butter Chicken) $18.95
Boneless tandoori chicken, cooked with onions and tomatoes in a light butter cream sauce.
Chicken Saag $18.95
Pieces of chicken cooked in a creamy spinach and a mouth - watering curry.
Chicken Vindaloo $18.95
Tender chicken breast and potatoes cooked in a spiced tangy sauce.
Chicken Jalfrezi $18.95
Boneless chicken cooked in butter with garden vegetables.
Chicken Madras $18.95
Spicy chicken with a touch of coconut powder.
Chicken Xacutti (Shakuti) $19.95
A spicy chicken curry cooked with roasted coconut and hot spices.
Chicken Patia                                   $19.95
Tender chicken cooked in mango and ginger sauce.
All entrées served with Basmati Rice.
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