Tandoori Naan $3.25
Unleavened white flour bread baked in the tandoor.
Tandoori Roti $3.25
Leavened whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor.
Kashmiri Naan $4.95
Naan stuffed with raisins and almonds.
Keema Naan $4.95
Naan stuffed with ground lamb and spices.
Garlic Kulcha $3.95
Naan stuffed with fresh garlic and herbs.
Onion Kulcha $3.95
Naan stuffed with fresh Onion and herbs.
Paneer Kulcha $4.95
Naan stuffed with homemade cottage cheese.
Laccha Paratha $3.95
Multi-layered whole wheat bread.
Pudina Paratha $3.95
Whole wheat bread stuffed with mint.
Alu Paratha $3.95
Leavened whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes.
Chilli Kulcha $4.95
Naan stuffed with green chillis and herbs.
Poori $3.95
Poori is an unleavened deep-fried whole wheat Indian bread.
Bhatura $3.95
Bhatura is a fluffy deep-fried leavened bread.


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